There are times when I come across something that immediately becomes the focus for the next 50four50 project even though I usually already have one ready to go. The organisation we are supporting this month is one of them. Let me introduce you all to Givit Kids.

 Givit Kids is a website that provides a fun and safe way for children to give new or pre-loved belongings to Australian families and children in need. Givit Kids aims to engage kids in giving a habit they can continue into adulthood.

It was suggested that I have the links to the project page and direct to the Donation page at the top as well as at the bottom of each of my ramblings about the monthly project so here they are …….

Go directly to the Givit Kids official website Click Here

Go directly to the Givit Kids donation page Click Here

Innovative solutions to the problems

The idea is pretty simple ~ Givit Kids arranges a safe way to link kids who want to donate with children in need. It is hoped that introducing our children early to philanthropy that this attitude of giving and generosity will be built into their very being and so persist lifelong.

Watch these two short videos where the basic concept is explained.

We have been encouraging our 6 year old son to be generous in his dealings and this is another very practical means of reinforcing those great values ~ I am certain that we will get him involved with Givit Kids. I know many of our 50four50 group have kids and simply because you have decided to be part of this group I know you share some of these values and are probably grateful for a way of bringing your ideals to your children in this very tangible way.

How does it all work?

GIVIT and Givit Kids are grassroots charities that connect those in need with those willing to give.

GIVIT was established in 2009 by Juliette Wright and  and is run predominantly by a team of dedicated volunteers.  In 2013 Givit Kids was “born” when Juliette heard shocking statistics relating to childhood poverty which indicated one in six Australian children are living at or below the poverty line, according to the Salvation Army National Economic and Social Impact Survey, 2013.

Here Juliette explains about GIVIT and how you can help.

What can we do this month?

There are a few options for you to consider this month.

    1. Encourage your kids to join Givit Kids and donate items or money to help Aussie kids and families in need. Help them to decide what they can give and show them who & how it will help
    2. Give your lump sum donation as you have every month. GIVIT and Givit Kids are free community services that survive on our participation and donations. You can make your donation to either Givit Kids or to the “parent” company GIVIT.  (All the links for your donations are below.)
    3. Donate items to either GIVIT or Givit Kids and become part of the movement connecting those with specific material needs.  People are often surprised about what can make a difference to somebody’s life. Simple items such as a pair of work boots can enable a father to get work and support his family. Donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste can provide healthcare and dignity to women who have escaped domestic violence, often leaving with nothing. You can directly and positively impact somebody’s life by donating new or quality used items.  Their online service lets you see a list of everyday items that are urgently needed by someone in the community and connects you to trusted charities so you can make a difference to somebody’s life.

You can go directly to the Givit Kids official website Click Here

Or you can go to the “parent” website ~ GIVIT  official website Click Here

Or go directly to the Givit Kids donation page Click Here

Please don’t forget to drop back here to let us know anonymously how much you donated this month.