Over the past 4 our years of our journey together as the 50four50 we have done a few projects that have had a particular personal  aspect to it; Month 12 ~ Modilon Hospital or Month 19 ~ Tasmanian Bushfire Victims; just to name a few. This month is we again donate to a cause with some close personal connection.


I am certain that there is not one of the 50four50 that has not been moved and / or horrified by the Earthquake that struck Nepal on 25th April this year. As many of you know I have been raising funds in a number of ways to aid in the Earthquake relief effort. I am also pretty sure then that there is not many of you who would be at all surprised that this month we will be donating to the Nepal Earthquake relief effort.

Go directly to the donation page I have set up for this month  Click Here

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What is the situation in Nepal? …


The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years, and has devastated central Nepal near Kathmandu. Over 8,000 people have died and thousands are still in need of emergency medical care. There are fears that the death toll will continue to rise as search and rescue teams are able to access communities closer to the epicentre.

An earthquake of this size would be disastrous regardless of where it hit. However, in a country like Nepal, where extreme poverty hampers their infrastructure, the impact is far worse, both in the tragic loss of life and in their ability to bounce back and rebuild in the years to come.


Where are the 50four50 donations going to? …

As I am sure you are aware, there are many, many different charities and NGO’s currently fund-raising for earthquake relief in Nepal and each will be doing what is best through the channels they have and directed toward the particular area of need they traditionally help with. The large International aid agencies will be the best placed to help with the larger scale needs of Nepal at this time, but smaller focused charities such as Community Action Nepal are well placed to assist the remote mountain communities, which may be “overlooked” by much of the mainstream aid and support.

Community_Action_Nepal_Logo_200The UK charity, Community Action Nepal, works exclusively in villages and communities in the central mountain provinces of Nepal. It has a long track record since 1994 in providing healthcare; education and community infrastructure projects to the middle hills of Nepal where most of the country’s porters originate.

Like most charities working in Nepal, Community Action Nepal has launched an appeal to help the remote communities and villages affected by the recent devastating earthquake. All monies donated will be used to help rebuild and support Community Action Nepal communities and projects. Community Action Nepal already have a presence in the badly affected areas are Gorkha and Helambu and much of their relief work will be centred around these.

There is something more this month …

The horrible devastation of the recent earthquake in Nepal was seen nowhere more dramatically than Langtang Village – a popular destination for trekkers in the Himalaya. The earthquake triggered a catastrophic avalanche and landslide that submerged the village under a great plume of ice and rock. Once a village of 400 plus inhabitants and up to 150 trekkers, it has now been completely obliterated (as shown in this dramatic BBC report).

During my most recent trip to Nepal my family and I had the privilege of walking the Langtang Valley trek and it was the highlight of our time in Nepal. There may be others of you that have walked the same paths. Staying in Langtang Village both on the way up and the way back down the valley; I was able to capture some of the beauty of the village not long before before its destruction.

As a tribute to the area and possibly a way of generating a little more money for donation this month, www.HeroArt.com.au will have available canvas prints of  photos taken at Langtang village. If you would like to support the work further this month and get a great piece of art for the wall at the same time – check-out what is available at HeroArt. All the proceeds from sales of these photos go toward Community Action Nepal.

Click through the tabs below to view the products available for purchase (all profits will go to Community Action Nepal)

  • $220 ($70 to CAN)
  • $165 ($50 to CAN)
  • $140 ($40 to CAN)
  • $110 ($30 to CAN)

Split-Image-4$220 includes GST & $70 donation to CAN

SET = 1 x65cm square and 4 x 30cm squares

Beautiful set of 5 canvases with the view trekking off from Langtang Village. This set includes a $70 donation to Community Action Nepal.

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$165 includes GST & $50 donation to CAN

SET = 55 x 75cm (x1) & 25 x 35cm (x2)

Images captured in Langtang Village – a popular destination for trekkers in the Himalaya which was completely devastated in the recent earthquake. This 3 canvas set includes a $50 donation to Community Action Nepal.

Purchase Langtang Village Photo Set Here

Split-Image-3$140 includes GST & $40 donation to CAN

SET = 3 x 40cm square canvases in monochrome (B&W)

This curious boy was a chance capture at a street stall just outside Kathmandu. This includes a $40 donation to Community Action Nepal.

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Panoramic 6

$110 includes GST & $30 donation to CAN

Single canvas = 80cm x 40cm

Beautiful shot on a single canvas with the view trekking off from Langtang Village. Purchase includes a $30 donation to Community Action Nepal.

Purchase Trek Photo Here

What can we do this month?

Go directly to the donation page I have set up for this month  Click Here

Go and purchase photos printed of affected areas of Nepal taken just before the earthquake – all profits go to this months charity Click Here

Please don’t forget to drop back here to let us know anonymously how much you donated this month.