I have done a few things that some in the 50four50 have found unusual and I reckon this month’s project will definitely fall into that same category.

Most of us find it easy to understand the benefits gained through organisations that deliver aid, food or clean water, and companies that financially support the underprivileged etc. I would bet though that more than a few of us have not really considered access to the internet and personal computers as important in the struggle to lift people out of poverty. Not because we don’t think it is a good idea but because we have always considered these other things as so much more important that we never thought about computer and internet access in the same way. Keepod may just change that view. I am excited about this month’s project and I do see the massive potential that they could unleash.

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I hope that in many ways Keepod will challenge us all to think differently about those living in extreme poverty and think differently about what solutions will impact their lives so that they can be active participants in their own empowerment to climb out of poverty.

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Go directly to Keepod official website Click Here

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So what is Keepod and what can it do?

Keepod is basically a portable computer in a $7 USB stick. For those of us without a computer science degree Keepod is a “bootable” operating system and small amount of storage. By using a simple refurbished laptop or PC (many of which would otherwise be destined for landfill) which is shared among many users Keepod enables any user to have a safe secure and ultimately very cheap access to computing technology and the internet. Keepod OS runs from any USB drive, eliminating the dependency on one computer, and was developed emphasizing privacy protection, user choice and digital freedom. Being able to keep their OS on a USB drive means that users can turn any shared computer into their personal computer, taking all their software and data with they shut it down and leave.

This short video can tell it better than my words ……

Keepod PCs will fuel existing projects focused on education, HIV prevention, agriculture, and human rights. Computers can also help lower the high rates of illiteracy, especially among women. Basically, think how much personal computing is helping those who have access to it, and you will see that the possibilities for change are endless.

The community hubs planned by Keepod will be equipped with Keepod devices, public computers, and Internet access. Local staff will be hired to manage the hubs and support new projects. In addition to giving residents a place to use computers and learn about tech, the hubs will also be used as incubators for local startup initiatives. Local IT businesses that can refurbish old computers and remove the hard drives are also benefited by the Keepod projects.

This report from the BBC does a great job at explaining Keepod and how it can impact change.

BBC Click report on Keepod from keepod on Vimeo.

Is there a specific Keepod project that the 50four50 will be donating to?

Well yes there is ………….

Following discussion with the Keepod founder we decided that the 50four50 project this month will be the Krasang Roleung Primary School in Cambodia.


The 350 students of the school come from 3 different villages in the area. The major aim of the project is to provide access to information and computer lessons to 200 students and teachers from grade 3 to grade 6; to allow students to use technology to help with their study and to encourage more students to attend school.

The Learning Foundation is responsible for the education of students at the Krasang Roleung Primary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia and they recently approached Keepod asking to support their project although no funds were available. Keepod decided to raise the needed funds together and directly manage the project to guarantee best practice implementation. Any additional funds raised will allow them to increase the impact by deploying Keepod Points outside of the school in the villages where the children come from – enabling continued access to information outside of school hours.

This is a brand new project for Keepod and I am confident that the 50four50 donations this month will be able to fund 50% of the needed funds and I think with a concerted effort we can do better than that.

What can we do this month?

To go directly to Keepod official website Click Here

To learn all about the Keepod Krasang Roleung Primary School project   Click Here

To go directly to the Keepod project donation page now and avoid anything else  Click Here

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