As all of you know I am currently travelling in Sri Lanka and the internet here is less than ideal. I am not in as good a position to chase down a difficult project this month and so I took the easy option of running a project that I have had my eye on for some time but have not used as it is so much like other charities we have supported in the past.

This month the 50four50 will be supporting the work of WaterAid Australia.

WaterAid 500 Logo

This group has supported many innovative organisations trying to attack the Global Water Crisis. WHO along with organisations such as these have the goal of establishing access to clean water supply and sanitation to every person on the planet by 2030 – a mere 15 years away. I personally and I know many in the 50four50 who also have a great concern and interest in helping reach that goal.

This month please be generous in your donations to this great cause.

Here are links directly to the source website they are …….

Go directly to WaterAid Australia official website Click Here

Go directly to the WaterAid Australia donation page and skip all this education stuff  Click Here

WaterAid Australia easily explained in this short video

This short video can tell it better than my words ……

More about WaterAid and how it works …

Little-GirlTogether, WaterAid works with the poorest and most marginalised communities to set up practical and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene projects that meet their real needs. Hardware, such as taps and latrines, is always backed up by education about good hygiene, making sure that the health benefits of safe water and sanitation are maximised.

WaterAid work with local partners who understand local issues, providing them with the skills and support they need to help communities set up practical and sustainable projects. Technologies are used that fit the local context and people are trained to maintain them. They only use practical technologies and make sure the right skills exist in the community so they can keep them working long into the future.

WaterAid invests in their local partner organisations to enable them to deliver their project work. WaterAid typically provide financial support, training and technical advice as well as help with planning, budgeting and institutional development.

images2As the local partners grow stronger they become less reliant on WaterAid’s technical and financial support and can seek funds from other sources. When this happens, WaterAid will start working with newer or less well-established partners and so the cycle of training and development continues.

The sheer scale of the Global Water Crisis means that no one organisation can solve it alone. So  WaterAid also works with communities to influence governments and other service providers to prioritise safe water and sanitation.

What can we do this month?

To go directly to WaterAid Australia’s official website Click Here

To go directly to the WaterAid’s donation page now and avoid anything else  Click Here

Please don’t forget to drop back here to let us know anonymously how much you donated this month.