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Sunshine Children's Home NepalI was walking through the Eumundi Markets recently and I came across this sign
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As you know I am always on he lookout for worthwhile stories of inspiration and solutions to the world’s big problems. I decided we would focus on Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal this month ~ what a great way to highlight some of the good work people from our own region are involved in as well as an opportunity to support a great cause.


It was suggested that I have the links to the project page and direct to the Donation page at the top as well as at the bottom of each of my ramblings about the monthly project so here they are …….

Go directly to the Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal official website Click Here

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Country Facts of Nepal and the size of the probems

Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries with almost half of the population living in absolute poverty. Since the Maoists insurgency it is estimated some 40,000 children in both urban and remote rural areas were left homeless or orphaned with the majority suffering malnutrition, medical problems and a lack of education. Many Nepalese orphanages struggle to survive and depend on outside assistance to care for their children and frequently they are faced with having to close down.

Nepal has the highest rate of child trafficking worldwide; some 3,000,000 children have been stolen, taken to India and sold into prostitution and slave labour. Despite various Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) in place only a small number of children are rescued and those who are returned to Nepal have nowhere to go and suffer from various mental and physical problems such as Aids.

The tragedies that occur daily in Nepal seldom make headlines. Years of war have left thousands of people hungry and homeless, unable to care for their own. These people rely on the West for funding because there is no government support agencies.

  • An estimated 50,000 children die each year, mostly from malnutrition;
  • About 12,000 girls are stolen every year for prostitution;
  • Many are sold to wealthy landowners and used as young “slaves”;
  • Some are also given to “the temple”

One woman’s response

The-KidsSunshine Children’s Home Nepal is one Sunshine Coast woman’s response to coming face-to-face with some of these realities when visiting Nepal in 2011. While walking the streets of Kathmandu Alissa Hill,  from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, found a three-year-old girl Rabina and her five-year-old sister Sabina ~ their mothers couldn’t afford to keep them, so they were abandon “to the Gods”. On that trip to Nepal Alissa was made aware of the desperate circumstances in which the women and children living on the streets of Kathmandu are subjected to. SlumShe was introduced to a group of mothers being in housed in a dilapidated building with little or no means of providing food, clean water or medical attention for themselves or their children. The children are all at risk of disease due to the unhealthy conditions they are living in and the unavailability of government welfare support. Some children had died there because of this situation. They all lived in fear of being “stolen”, taken to India and sold into prostitution and slave labour. The meeting of Sabina and Rabina and her other experiences on that trip were the catalyst for Alissa to found and open the Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal and register it as a charity in Australia.

SmilesLocated in Kathmandu, Sunshine Children’s Home orphanage is now a home to twenty-one delightfully energetic and beautiful children aged from one to twelve years of age. It provides a safe and loving environment, basic welfare such as health and education; all with the aim to give them the opportunity of reaching their full potential for the  future.

What’s our response?

There are basically 4 main options for you to consider this month.

  1. Lump sum donation ~ basically this is the same option that you guys have every month.
  2. SchoolChild Sponsorship (or Half-Sponsorship) ~ $65 per month ($33 for Half-Sponsorship) includes: A nutritional diet, medical assistance, academic tutoring, leisure activities and clothing. 100% of your sponsorship contribution goes directly to your sponsored child and enjoy unlimited contact with them.
    Skype sessions are available.
  3. Village childrenThe Village Project ~ Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal is attempting to deliver the village of Mushahari from abject and extreme poverty. Mushahari Village is located in far south eastern Nepal near the border of India. The four hundred and seventy-five people who live there, are know as the Dalit caste or the “Untouchables”, the most disadvantaged and socially excluded group in Nepal. The people of this village aren’t able to own land so it is very difficult for them to sustain a proper living. For those who do find employment, are usually underpaid for their services. Some one hundred and fifty children here have little or no clothes, are uneducated and live an extremely poor existence. During the cold winters sadly there is loss of lives due to lack of warmth and sickness. Families share a woven straw sheet to sleep on over the bare ground with the same to cover themselves with.
    Find out more about this project  Click Here 
  4. VOLUNTEER ~ You can volunteer with Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal in two main areas (1) The main children’s Home in Kathmandu or (2) Teaching in the village school at Mushahari village.
    To submit an application to volunteer please email Alissa Hill at:

The Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal aims to provide a safe and loving environment for children of Nepal who are orphaned, abandoned, trafficked or whose families are unable to provide adequately for them. This is our chance to help out.

You can go directly to the Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal official website Click Here to find out more about what, where and how Alissa and her team carry out their work.

Or go directly to the Sunshine Children’s Home Nepal donation page Click Here

Lastly please remember when you are next at the Eumundi Markets look out for the sign that I posted at the top of the page and stop in for a chat to encourage the great work individuals from your own area are doing around the world.

Please don’t forget to drop back here to let us know anonymously how much you donated this month.